Posted by: kris10ly | February 17, 2010

To Wear or Not to Wear? That is The Question.

Okay, so it’s time to tear apart your wardrobe. You have a job interview coming up. What should you wear? When you’re going through your clothes ask yourself this, “To wear or not to wear?” That is the question my friend. I’m going to provide you with some helpful tips from insightful sources. It is up to you whether you choose to use their advice or not. If you want my opinion, continue reading…

To wear or not to wear…?

To wear or not to wear…?

Was it easy to choose which to wear and which not to wear? I hope all of you said yes. Job search expert, Alison Doyle asked in her article Dressing for Success: How to Dress for an Interview, “Does it really make a difference how you dress for an interview?” ( Well, does it? As you should’ve guessed, her answer was, “In many cases, it does.” In my opinion, I would say in almost ALL cases it does, unless otherwise informed.

The way a person dresses can tell you a lot about them. Some may see this as “judging a book by its cover,” but this doesn’t apply to a job interview. One shot, that’s all you have (in most cases). You need to give it all you got. I’m sure all of you have heard the saying, “a first impression is a lasting one.” How do you want them to remember you? Yes, it’s important to stand out from the rest of the job seekers, but leave it up to your portfolio, resume or social skills for that.

If you’re looking for a specific list of what to avoid wearing to an interview, read the article What Not to Wear to An Interview: Top 20 Wardrobe Malfunctions (CareerBuilder). As you read the list, you may laugh and say to yourself, “These are obviously no-brainers. No one would wear any of this to an interview.” But the sad thing is, the list exists because there are individual’s out there who did not ask themselves the important question, “To wear or not to wear?”

I’m going to wrap this post up by leaving you with a list of guidelines that I discovered from the article, Dressing for Interview Success. There are three lists: one for men and women, one for just women and one for just men. Check it out:

Men and Women

  • Conservative two-piece business suit (solid dark blue or grey is best)
  • Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best, pastel is next best)
  • Clean, polished conservative shoes
  • Well-groomed hairstyle
  • Clean, trimmed fingernails
  • Minimal cologne or perfume
  • Empty pockets (no bulges or tinkling coins)
  • No gum, candy, or cigarettes
  • Light briefcase or portfolio case
  • No visible body piercing (nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.) or tatoos


  • Necktie should be silk with a conservative pattern
  • Dark shoes (black lace-ups are best)
  • Dark socks (black is best)
  • Get a haircut; short hair always fares best in interviews
  • Fresh shave; mustaches are a possible negative, but if you must, make sure it is neat and trimmed
  • No beards (unless you are interviewing for a job as a lumberjack!)
  • No rings other than wedding ring or college ring
  • No earrings (if you normally wear one, take it out)


  • Wear a suit with a jacket and skirt or slacks; no dresses
  • Shoes with conservative heels
  • Conservative hosiery at or near skin color (and no runs!)
  • No purses, small or large; carry a briefcase instead
  • If you wear nail polish, use clear or a conservative color
  • Keep your makeup simple and natural (it should not be too noticeable)
  • No more than one ring on each hand
  • One set of earrings only

If you follow my advice, I promise you will seen as a professional in your next interview. Break a leg!



  1. Great post! I (ignorantly) thought that most people knew what business attire meant and looked like. I went to a career fair this weekend and was shocked at how many people obviously did not know what business attire meant. I mean simple things to know what differentiates business from casual, like jeans. The majority of people were in suit’s and ties, but that is when those who are not dressed appropriately stand out even more. They were definitely noticed, but for all the wrong reasons! Thanks for the post!

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  3. This is a pretty nice post. The picture are really cool because I know some people that wear that kind of stuff to a professional interview. I also have friends (female) that think that if they look attractive to the employer as a women in the PR thats a plus. Sorry ladies that definitely not the case. Professionalism is always expected in whatever industry so if you don’t dress for success you probably won’t have any. Like you said you only get one chance at a first impression so you have to give it all you got. is a great source for any kind advice you need on your career so this is coming from a credible source. Great Job 🙂

  4. I like the set up of this blog. Like the images, kept me interested. Great advice you gave, liked how did titles and categories (i.e. men, women). Dressing professional for an interview is so important. You always want a potential employer to remember you in a respectable, professional, and well-kept manner. A manner that gives off the sense that your hard working and a great asset is key. People often forget in preparation for an interview that it is better to wear no scent, but if you feel you must wear one keep the amount of sprays to a minimal (it’s good you mentioned that). I agree with you on the no gum, candy or cigarettes or visible piercings. Employees notice these things and way more.

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