Posted by: kris10ly | January 22, 2010

Distinguish Your Cover Letter

Hello to all my future followers! To start off, I’d like to make an announcement. This is my first blog post ever (besides the “About Me”). Exciting, I know!

The purpose of my blog is to share advice/tips on how to prepare yourself for a potential employer, with a focus on Public Relations (PR). This is centered around a class I’m taking, Public Relations Practicum (PR Practicum). I’d really enjoy as much feedback as possible–this is a learning experience for all of us!

As you already know, judging by the title of this post, today I will be sharing several tips on how to write a cover letter. According to the first source I used, WinWay Resume Deluxe (purchased software), “The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce you to the potential employer, and refer that person to your enclosed resume for more detailed information.” A cover letter should be brief, to the point and no more than one page (WinWay). The potential employer wants to know what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. You may have a variety of experience, but you should only include those which are related to the position you are seeking (WinWay). Sorry to break it you, but they don’t want to hear your whole life story. Another important tip is to be “confident” and “up beat” (WinWay). If you’re not confident in yourself, how can you expect an employer to be confident in you? You can do anything you put your mind to, if you believe in yourself.

Question, is your cover letter more important than your resume? The answer is, “Yes, yes and yes.” According to Resume-Resource, if you do not have a well-written cover letter that stands out from the rest, the potential employer may not even look at your resume. Now, I’m not saying that your resume isn’t as crucial, because it definitely is, however, if you don’t have a distinguished cover letter, your resume will never be considered (in most cases). The cover letter also allows the employer to see your writing skills, which is VERY important (practice, practice, practice).

The last site I encourage you to look at is JobBank USA. You may be thinking, “How is JobBank USA a good source for cover letter tips?” When you check it out, you’ll see why I recommend it. The article is called, “Public Relations Cover Letter In a Nutshell,” by Jimmy Sweeney, author of “Amazing Cover Letter Creator.” The first section heading of the article is, “Why Public Relations Cover Letters Have to Be Perfect.” Sweeney says, “Besides being the best way to get an interview for a public relations job, the public relations cover letter practically IS an interview for a public relations job.” So true, am I right? You have to sell yourself. Be confident. Think of a cover letter as your first interview. The resume is the next step and then if the potential employer is really interested, you will be given a second interview. The last important tip I want to leave with you is to research as much as you can about the company you are looking to apply for. The more you know about them, the easier it is to write the cover letter. You can do this!

There is a lot  more that goes into writing a good cover letter, but these were just a few that made an impact on me. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’ll be more than happy to respond!

Stay tuned for next week’s post on… “Body Language & Nonverbal Communication in Job Interviews.”



  1. This makes so much sense! I am just now learning that I even have to have a cover letter…but the thought that it is more important than the resumé is interesting and makes so much sense.

    P.s. you should give credit to whoever the photographer is who took that beautiful blue water picture 😉 hehe just kidding!

  2. Great Blog and very good recommendations. Well written and I like the cat/lion mirror insert (And of course the Blue Gratto). Love You, Dad

  3. I really like your entire Blog. Your Blog has alot of interactivity going on !. This is great! Keep it up!.

  4. Great blog, especially for your first one! We have been hearing such great advice, on blogs like yours, but it is scary once you sit down and start to write it. I hope it gets easier with time, but not too much time because that means we are jobless. Good luck after graduation, I know you are going to do great things!!!

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  6. I agree at how you ranked cover letters importance to the resume. Employees won’t even see your resume if they are not interested from the cover letter. I like the image of the cat looking into the mirror and seeing a lion. That is the type of attitude we should have. We should know that we are capable of great things, and are approach should be a presence that is is felt and remembered. Being a hardworking, intelligent, versatile individual will get you far in life.

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